Support Redistricting Reform in Oregon!

Hello Friends,

Ensuring that every eligible voter can cast a meaningful vote has long been a foundational principle of the League of Women Voters of Oregon. Reforming the way redistricting happens in Oregon to put people – not politicians – in charge is an essential part of that fight. We are writing today to ask you to join us in this historical movement by signing the petition to get a fair and transparent redistricting process on the ballot in November. 

We believe Oregon voters should choose their politicians—politicians should not choose their voters. Will you join us and sign IP 57?

In this time of uncertainty, there is one thing we can all agree on; every Oregonian deserves to be represented and every eligible voter’s vote should count. That’s why we joined People Not Politicians, and together we have launched a statewide signature gathering campaign for IP 57 to put redistricting reform on the ballot this November and give everyday Oregonians the opportunity to make our voices heard.

As you know, districts in Oregon are currently drawn by legislators. With the 2020 Census Oregon is likely to gain an additional congressional seat, making it more important than ever to reform the way Oregon draws state legislative and congressional districts.

Our proposal isn’t an attempt to punish legislators or to shift the partisan composition of the Oregon legislature or congressional delegation. Simply put, we believe that people, not politicians should be in charge of drawing voting districts, because there’s an inherent conflict of interest for legislators to draw their own districts.

The process for drawing congressional and legislative district boundaries has for too long been controlled by politicians. Letting politicians manipulate voting maps is like putting the fox in charge of the henhouse. 

What does IP 57 call for? An independent, citizen-led redistricting commission.

  • The commission would be made up of 12 citizens: 4 Democrats, 4 Republicans, and 4 people who are not affiliated with either party.
  • Incumbent politicians, lobbyists, and political operatives are BANNED from the commission.
  • Commissioners may not favor or discriminate against any candidate, elected official or political party.   

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