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LWV Deschutes County
PO Box 1783
Bend, Oregon 97709
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Diversity, Equity, Inclusion (DEI) DiscussionGroup


Our discussions focus on a prompt that is assigned by our facilitator, Margy Lim. So far, we have read articles, watched webcasts, listen to podcast episodes, watched interviews, and experienced taking the Harvard Implicit Association Test.


The DEI Discussion group is a learning circle, educating ourselves about the US history that we weren't taught in school, the codification of whiteness and white domination in the founding of our country, the neuroscience and effects of bias, and becoming aware of how we may inadvertently perpetuate white dominance.

Group Meets

The DEI Discussion Group meets the last Tuesday of the month.
7:00 -8:00p.m. (Zoom)

Contact Information

Mimi at

Insightful Links

Dolly Chugh interview - The Person You Mean to Be
Scene on Radio: Seeing White
Peggy McIntosh Essay - White Privilege: Unpacking the Invisible Backpack