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LWV Deschutes County
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Bend, Oregon 97709
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 For over 100 years, the League of Women Voters has been an influential voice on issues such as election reform, ethics in leadership, transportation, education, land use, civil rights, and more. All League action is based upon our public policy positions, which are developed through consensus discussions by members, after a thorough study of the issues. With program planning, league members decide where we could be most effective and which issues most deserve our time and efforts. For the league, “program” means “those issues impacted by government and chosen by members for concerted study and action.” 

Members recommend issues to address, new studies to undertake, or changes to current LWV advocacy positions. If new advocacy is needed, members may recommend an in-depth study of the issues. They can also recommend restudies of some issues, if our advocacy positions don’t fully address current problems. In program planning, members review our advocacy positions to decide how they can be used for action at the local government level, as well as in the Oregon Legislature, or with the U.S. Congress

Please view the slideshow to understand exactly how an idea becomes
advocacy and makes democracy work for all of us.